Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Panic!

Today I am in a bit of a panic.  I have been in a panic all month (plus longer), and I feel like it's coming to a head as I prepare for the weekend.  The wedding is almost 2 months away, and I am freaking out.  There is just way too much to do!  I never thought wedding planning would be this stressful.  I thought it would be

I just want to be married.  Yes, I want to be surrounded by family and friends, but I feel like I'm getting lost in the minutia and am losing sight of the bigger picture.  I'm getting married for a life with Austin, so why is this event making us argue? Ah!!  Learn more about our wedding here!

I am getting married 10 hours away in Buffalo, NY, so any trip to Buffalo is a production.  This weekend, I am heading there for my bachelorette party #1, bridal shower #2, and bridal shower #3 (yes, I know I am a spoiled bride).
My pretty hat made during bridal shower #1 :)

Getting to Buffalo is seeming like a fiasco.  Here are all the things that need to fit into my car (a little Honda Civic):
-groomsmen gifts (2 huge boxes)
-large box from Oriental Trading with miscellaneous wedding stuff
-3 medium to large boxes of kitchen goodies for my sister (as I get new stuff, she gets my well loved stuff)
-6 cases of wine for the hotel welcome baskets (there are no Trader Joe's in Buffalo, so I need to come prepared)
-6 dresses (I can never decide what to wear and I always have an extra dress on hand, lol)
-Miscellaneous bags with wedding planning binder, knitting supplies, toiletries, snacks, wedding shoes, etc)
-My suitcase (currently in the front seat)
-Canopy for my future sister-in-law's grad party (This will be swapped out halfway through my trip for my future mother-in-law and her weekend supplies- hope she doesn't have too

I'm thinking my car is somewhat of a clown car- I never thought it would all fit, but it does, miraculously!

Another point of stress is my wedding dress- my beautiful, amazing, dream wedding dress.  My first fitting is Saturday.  Only problem, no dress.  The dress ships today and won't arrive until late next week.  I am trying to be calm, but I also really want to see my dress and get the alterations started.  I am down 25 pounds, so I know the dress needs to be altered, and I want it to be as amazing on me as when I tried on the sample.  The store says not to worry- they will make the dress perfect between my second (now first) fitting and the wedding- 1/5 weeks apart.  And I believe them, kind of, but I'm still freaking out.

I know, I need to take a chill pill, but my Type A personality is not suited for wedding  Well, I think it will be an awesome party, but it's all the little details that drive me crazy!

So over my lunch hour, I am going to get a pedicure to see if I can clear my mind of the never ending wedding list.  Wish me luck!!  Any suggestions to help me out?


  1. Can you mail anything home the week before? LIke your dresses/shoes. Or some of the boxes with the gifts. A lot of it seems hard to mail, but maybe you could find a few things to lighten the load.

    1. Everything actually fit in the car- yay!! It was just stressful getting up there, but it was an AMAZING weekend!

  2. Hang in there! The more you do now, the more you can enjoy the day of! The best skill I learned during wedding planning was DELEGATION! Don't leave anything for yourself to worry about for that day - except being beautiful, enjoying the day, and marrying the love of your life!!!

    1. Thanks Emily :) I started to delegate with the siblings, and they all said, "just remind me"!