Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dinner Fail

Here's the end result of this dinner:

Yup, it was that bad :(  Weight Watchers has a recipe of the day, and a recipe for a mushroom and spinach lasagna was featured.  Sounds great to me!  I substituted kale (and cooked it more since it's a little tougher than spinach), but then followed the recipe to a T.

And look at the pictures...the recipe looks good:


post baking
individual piece
We took a bite and then another; I even finished my plate, but it hurt me to swallow each bite :(  Austin said nothing about the meal (he's a good fiance-- now HUBBY!) and asked what to do with the leftovers.  When I said the trash, he just smiled and agreed.  Sad face, but it happens.  I'm just glad it doesn't happen too often when I cook. 

I tried to go on Weight Watchers to review/destroy the recipe, but they took it down...guess others ran into the same problem that I did-- the recipe was terrible!! :(


  1. Well maybe you can find solace in the fact that the dinner involved kale. At least you ate a superfood.

    Plus sometimes it's nice to cross a recipe off the list, I know you have plenty of good ones to compensate!

  2. I hate throwing foods away, but when you experiment it's bound to happen! Unfortunately for me I choose to experiment at bad times and have to scramble last minute for something to serve to company because my dinner went awry. Oh well, live and learn! I bet you're eating all kinds of great foods in Jamaica anyway.

  3. @Aubrey: when I was growing up, we were always "guinea pigs" for my mom's experiments. She had "the ladies" over for a luncheon once a month, so she would try out a recipe weeks in advance (to give her time to choose another if it didn't taste good) I learned to be an adventurous cook, willing to try out almost anything.