Monday, July 9, 2012

Spoiled Bride, Part 3

Spoiled Bride, Parts 1-3 all came from the same weekend.  We had the bachelorette party Friday, Shower #2 Saturday, and Shower #3 Sunday.  The aunt's on my mom's side threw me this shower.

My mom is one of ten children, so I have lots and lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  I was so touched to see how many of my family came from out of town for the wedding celebrations.  One aunt came with her two daughters from Philadelphia and another aunt with her two daughters from Virginia.  It was wonderful to have us all come together for the weekend!!  

Each of my aunts contributed something really special to the shower, and they got me my favorite gift:  a Kitchen Aid mixer...yay!!

Beautiful cookies that were the favors!

The centerpieces were inspired by an arrangement I pinned
on pinterest :)  One of my aunts went there for inspiration!

Most of my female cousins on my mom's side!!
My amazing aunts :)  Thanks for a wonderful shower!


  1. A Kitchen Aid, huh? Looks like we have some Sadie-Elizabeth baking parties at your house in our future...

  2. How fun to have such a large family! My mother in law is one of ten and we love having tons of cousins. Your photos are beautiful and I love the centerpieces.

    1. Having a big family is great...I'm excited for the whole family shot we're going to take at the wedding :)