Friday, July 13, 2012


Do you love Top Chef as much as I do?!?  Well, you should!  I have a lot about cooking from watching each season, and it also helped me to expand my palette and try new things.

Problem now is that I don't have cable, so no shows, and especially Bravo shows come into my home in the evening :( My friend Sadie of Frosting & Filagree generously lets me into her house for Top Chef each week!

As I travel around the country for work, one of my new goals is to visit the restaurants of the Top Chef contestants....first one- Graffiato by Mike Isabella.

This was the last stop in DC before taking the train home a few weeks ago, and it was perfect last thing to do in our nation's capitol.

Check out all the AMAZING food we ate:

We were there at 2 pm- still the brunch menu, so still lots of options.

Tortellini with peas, scrumptious :)


Meatballs, eggs, and polenta- my favorite!

Crispy Gnocchi- melts in your mouth!

Hanger steak- the potato cubes were the best!

Berry pizza- this was my least favorite, but I think it was because the rest of the meal was so amazing!!

Jersey pizza- I brought this back with me to eat on the train!  Fried calamari with
cherry pepper aioli sauce on top.  This was the best train meal I have ever had :)

You should definitely visit when you're in town!

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  1. Hmmm looks delicious! I thought Berry Pizza looks interesting but too bad it wasn't great. Wow the potato cubes are so big! Crispy Gnocchi sounds delicious too. Getting hungry here. :-)