Friday, July 27, 2012

Founding Farmers

Almost two months ago, I was in DC for a conference.  We went to the zoo, I ate at Mike Isabella's restaurant (you've heard all this before in previous posts), but I left out another tasty restaurant right in the heart of DC.

Founding Farmers.  The restaurant is eco-friendly, it is owned by a collective of American family farmers, and it is focused on sustainability.  The building is even LEED certified gold!  I was so excited to try it out, and even more excited to spend time with my cousin Nancy!  We waited over an hour to get seated, but it was a wonderful DC evening-- fine to sit outside and really enjoy the company :)

The food definitely didn't disappoint after that wait.  We started with a skillet cornbread and honey butter  The cornbread even had corn nuggets in it.  I don't think they pulled out the Jiffy mix that I normally use at home :)

Then our dinners- melted in my mouth.  I had the scallops and risotto.  Nancy was a little healthier with the farmer's salad.  Both amazing!  I wanted to (and may have) licked my plate clean.

Since I was on "vacation," we decided to get dessert.  Red velvet cake and a fruit crisp.  They both tasted so fresh- I brought the leftover red velvet (made with beets and not food coloring) back to the hotel and had it for breakfast the next morning.  Perfect.

Thanks to Founding Farmers for a scrumptious meal and to my cousin Nancy for taking me out to one of her favorite DC restaurants :)

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