Monday, July 16, 2012

Spoiled Bride, Part 4

At the end of June, my wonderful friends had a bachelorette party for me!   I'm in Virginia, but many of them are in the northeast, so two short plan rides (and a sprint from one gate to another during a 40 minute turned 5 minute layover) had me safely arrive in Hartford, CT.

My friends had a whole evening planned- a great dinner, drinks at the hotel, LIMO ride to Foxwoods Casino, more drinks (too bad a Celtics game made the bar a little crowded...), and then out dancing for the rest of the night!  The next day we spent wandering around Mystic, enjoying the seaport and each other :)

All 7 of the girls who traveled and planned the bachelorette party were people I went to college with, and it means so much that I such amazing friends- even if we don't talk regularly, when we get together, we all pick up where we left off.  Lucky me :)

At Dinner

Outside the club at the end of the night

Kristie (the newest bride-to-be) and me

In the limo...what a fun way to travel!

Mystic, CT

On the Mystic drawbridge


  1. Oh it sounds so fun!! This year I don't have anyone getting married = no parties! LOL.

    1. Thanks Nami! I'm at that age when everyone I know is getting married. Last year, we went to 9 weddings. Next summer, there are at least 3. But for this summer, just me :)