Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to do with leftovers?

I feel like now that I am watching what I'm eating more carefully, I'm ending up with so many more leftovers :(  Last night, I made an attempt at repurposing and making another meal at what I had left.  Here it is...tomato basil polenta with beef (sound surprisingly similar to another meal with shrimp?!?).

I pan fried the remaining half tube of polenta, nuked the tomato basil sauce (next time, I would chop the garlic smaller-- it hurts me to see those giant chunks of garlic in the picture above), and made the beef.  I love making roasts but always make too much.  To solve this problem, I cut a larger roast I bought into serving size (for 2) hunks and froze the portions.

Making the roast is easy-- sprinkle (or cover/rub) with salt, pepper, and garlic salt.  Put in oven at 325 degrees in roasting pan (or I used a cooling rack on a cookie sheet since the meat was lean and there weren't many drippings-- a cookie sheet fits much better in my dishwasher than a real roasting  My digital meat thermometer recommended to cook until 145 degrees, but it wasn't rare enough for me (next time I would do closer to 140 degrees).

The meal was super easy and super tasty and having the beef instead of shrimp made it seem like an entirely different meal....yay!

Polenta was 3 points, tomato sauce 2 (because of non-veggie ingredients), and the beef was 3-- dinner total was 8.  Not bad since just my sandwich at lunch was that many points...

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