Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Activity Points Galore!

The weekend in Colorado lived up to and exceeded expectations-- I did more physical activity than I did in a long, long time, and I'm still sore sitting here writing this post 2 days later...

Day 1 included a hike at 6,850 feet.  Not only am I a little out of shape, but the lack of oxygen and the elevation didn't help.  But it was worth the view!

We hit the ski slopes on Day 2.  I was incredibly excited but also nervous.....on the way to Breckridge, we stopped at the Continental Divide (water flows to the Atlantic on the one side and the Pacific on the other).  Here's a picture of the group at almost 12,000 feet.

While I strapped on skis for the first time in what seems like forever, Austin tried snowboarding for the first time.  He struggled a bit on the hill, but skiing was almost like riding a bike for me.  I stuck to the green circles for most of the day, but eventually ventured to a blue square.  Going incredibly slow down the hill and making big S's in the snow was the way to go for me...that was until I hit one ice spot too many and did an epic spill.  Luckily, my bindings were set loose, so it didn't hurt when I fell, but then I had to crawl up the hill to get my ski gear.  Of course, a tiny little girl checked in to make sure I was okay...appreciated the niceness but was still super embarrassed.

We skied until it was close to dark, and I was proud that I made it until the end of the day.  Being on the slopes again made me realize how much I like skiing and made me wonder why I stopped...can't wait to go again!

AND, I accrued almost 50 activity points between the two activities, a great way to offset the AMAZING but not Weight Watchers friendly food that we ate this weekend  :)  Stay tuned for pictures and descriptions of the food in Boulder.

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