Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great way to spend a Saturday...

Today was a combination of being busy and then doing absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful!

First up was a trip to Movie Tavern-- the coolest movie theater ever.  The seats are big office chairs, and they roll up to a back-lit table.  The place offers a full menu of good and reasonably priced food (in addition to the typical popcorn and candy).  The best part when you see a movie at night is their selection of beer-- if you order two beers, you get one right away and the other one delivered to you 30 minutes into the movie.  On the weekend, they show movies at 9 am and have a breakfast menu.  My friend, Sadie, and I saw the Iron Lady.  The movie was okay, but my breakfast quesadilla was delicious.

Afterwards, I went home and watched Netfilx and knitted for hours.  I had some other things on my weekend to-do list, but this was so much better.  Even Ryan Gosling thinks so :)

For dinner, I met another friend (Lauren) at a mexican restaurant near her house.  We live about an hour apart, but we have an awful tunnel that is always backed up with traffic between us.  We've met halfway through, but since I had another stop after dinner on her side of the bridge-tunnel, dinner was on her stomping grounds.  Taco salad was great; tastes like all the other, but nothing to complain about.

After dinner, I traveled to Virginia Beach to see my cousin play basketball.  Family is super important to me, so I jump at any chance to spend time with them and support them.  My cousin, Nicholas, is an amazing basketball player; I've seen him play twice, and I admit that I am a little biased.  His school team had a rough first half but came back strong and won the game by a small margin.  It was so much fun to watch, even though it was incredibly nerve-wracking.

When I made it home around midnight (on Sunday am), I checked the mail and found the last bit of my tax documents waiting for I logged onto turbo tax and did my taxes.  I didn't get as big of a refund as last year, and Turbo Tax's prices went up...double sad face.  BUT yay for getting those done and getting some money back :)

Besides for my afternoon of laziness, it was a good Saturday.  Maybe on Sunday I will actually work on that to-do list.  For now, it's time for bed!  Good night. 

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