Friday, June 15, 2012

Live Life Active!

We are in the middle of a six-week Weight Watchers challenge to Live Life Active.  Austin and I are doing our best...but it's tough!

I am away at a conference for work, so I am trying (emphasis on trying) to be active while sitting in a conference room all day.  I'm going to the gym (this is so hard when you're programmed from 9 am to 8 pm), but also enjoying the city.  I'm right in the middle of Washington, DC, and I am loving walking in the early evening/night.

However, I do miss enjoying the real outdoors back in Williamsburg!  One of our new favorite things to do is kayaking.  There is a great park near our house that has a huge lake and some hiking trails.  We've been hiking and spent two hours barely making it around a quarter of the lake and just wasn't as fun as paddling around the water.

What are your fun summer exercise plans and activities?


  1. Awesome! I'm trying to get back into running! It's kind of a vicious cycle because I ran several times a week when I was lighter, but it's definitely more effort to run when you've got some extra weight on your frame. But also, running is one of the best ways to get the extra weight off. So I'm just trying to build my stamina back up little by little. It feels rewarding at the end, but the "during" is rough!

  2. I've been debating running...but it seems so boring to me :( I'm starting with a personal trainer this Friday, so I'll let you know how it goes!!

  3. I was away at a five day conference and although I got to the gym daily, it did not offset the meals! I would have been happy with 65 points; I stopped counting after the 3rd Fuzzy Navel each night. (They had nightly hospitality suite free parties too) It's hard to get back on track even now that I'm home