Thursday, February 16, 2012

Egg in a Mug

A woman who goes to our Weight Watchers' meeting told us her favorite and easiest breakfast.  She calls it egg in a mug- crack an egg in a mug, add a little bit of milk, whisk with a fork, and pop in the microwave for 45-60 seconds.  The egg is light, fluffy, and yummy.  Best of all, it's 2 points and a filling breakfast.

When I was little, I ate microwaved eggs all the time.  My mom tells me stories of how I would tell her to cook my eggs:  "One egg, one minute.  Two eggs, two minutes."

Hope you enjoy an egg in the mug.  A great breakfast for when you're short on time (like I am every morning) or you only want to dirty a mug instead of a pan.

And thanks to our friends Mike and Katelyn Furr who gave us these great glass mugs for their wedding favors.

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