Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Best Pizza EVER

One week ago today, I was eating the best pizza I have ever eaten and probably ever will eat.  Bocce Pizza is amazing.  I think part of it is that we always order sheet pizzas, and there's something awesome about eating square pieces, but it's also delicious.  Even my dog-niece Zoey Pickles couldn't wait to get some!

I only eat the middle pieces because it allows for the most sauce and cheese, and luckily my family allows me to manhandle the pizza to get my perfect piece.  While I was in high school, my family lived in northcentral PA, and the pizza was subpar.  Whenever they came to visit us, my grandparents would bring us a Bocce sheet pizza every time-- life was good on those days!

While home, I refrained from eating more than 2 pieces that first day, but I did hide some leftovers from my family to take home with me.  Even cold, this pizza is amazing, and I have been able to enjoy it every other day since last Sunday :)  Too bad I only have one piece left....I'm lucky that Bocce ships nationally!