Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Heart Panera

When I have to eat on the run and am eating out, I almost always pick Panera.  It is delicious.  The first couple times I visited, I was so confused when ordering, but years later, I think I've finally gotten the hang of it.

In college, the nearest Panera was 45 minutes away, and on more than one occasion, I loaded my car with books from all my classes and spent the entire day studying at Panera.  You have to get there early to get a table near an electrical outlet, but the change in location was worth the drive, and the food was great too!

My favorite Panera meal.  You Pick Two- Chicken Noodle Soup (2 points) and BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad (a whole salad is 13 points, so I estimate 8-10).  Light but satisfying lunch.

My sister, Sarah, enjoying her salmon salad at Panera.


  1. I heart panera too. I love the Thai chopped chicken salad, and almost any of the soups!

    1. I've never had the thai chopped salad...I'll have to try it!! Love the soups but the calorie counts always scare me :(

  2. Well the best is the Chicken Sonoma, but I know that's not supposed to be healthy. That's why I try to stick with the Garden Vegtable Pesto, or black bean soup.